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Public Notices




The Village of Ellsworth announces a Public Meeting regarding its Project Planning Document for proposed water system improvements in the Village. The purpose of the meeting is to not only inform, but to seek and gather input from people that will be affected. Comments and viewpoints from the public are encouraged on the proposed projects for which the Village intends to seek low interest Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) loan assistance.

The public meeting will be part of the regular Village Council meeting on:

DATE: May 8, 2023

TIME: 7 pm

PLACE: Ellsworth Village Hall, 6520 Center St., Ellsworth, MI 49279

The Project Planning Document improvements are comprised of replacement of a water well and rehabilitation of the storage tank. These projects are referenced as follows:

  1. In order to improve the reliability of the Village of Ellsworth’s water system, Well No. 2 needs to be replaced with a new well. This will help the Village’s water system maintain its original total and firm capacity pumping rates. The reduced screen does not allow Well No. 2 to deliver its design capacity. It is anticipated that a replacement well can be drilled near existing well No. 2. Replacing Well No. 2 at the same location.
  2. The storage tank is in need of rehabilitation. The rehabilitation will consist of repainting of the exterior and interior of the storage tank, install cathodic protection, replace grout, install roof handrail and manway, improve to overflow and fill/draw piping, and replace mesh screen.

Construction work at the drilling site could result in dust, noise, and traffic disruptions. The temporary impact of construction activities will be minimized through mitigation measures specified in the contract documents. Sandblasting and priming work at the project site could result in dust and noise but will be performed in a containment area using negative pressure. The storage tank will continue to be in service while the exterior is repainted. The storage tank will need to be drained during the interior painting work. Any disruption will be properly planned and coordinated with customers to minimize public impact. Adverse impacts on historical, archaeological, geographic, or cultural areas are not expected. There are no anticipated changes to the natural setting or ecosystem. Threatened and endangered species are not anticipated to be impacted by the proposed projects.

This project is necessary to ensure that the Village can maintain water service to residents. The total cost of the project is currently estimated as follows, all of which is being sought through the DWSRF program:

A copy of the Draft Project Planning Document will be available for viewing at the Village Hall starting on April 27, 2023.

If you have any questions or want to submit a written statement for the Public Meeting, write to Marlene Drenth, Village of Ellsworth, 6520 Center St., PO Box 265, Ellsworth, MI 49279.

Written comments will be accepted at the address above if received prior to the closing of comments on May 8, 2023.