Ellsworth, Michigan 49729
Phone: 231-588-7411
Email: office@villageofellsworth.com

October 2018





OCTOBER 8, 2018

Present: Campbell, Boss, Sowers, Spearing, Rasmussen, Potter and Drenth

Absent: Stewart, McCallum

Others: John Morris

Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 PM

1. Motion by Rasmussen, Boss to accept the September 10, 2018 minutes as presented. CARRIED 5-0



Police: Morris presented monthly report.

DPW: Discussion regarding sale of leftover meter pits.

Streets: Look into signs regarding parking restrictions.


Planning Commission: N/A

Parks and Recreation: Discussed revenue for the 2018 season.


a. Fall Color Cruise along the Breezeway: Poor weather contributed to a smaller than normal turnout.

b. Community Square Project: Moving forward.

c. Paddle Antrim: Received thank you note for our participation.

d. Tree removals: Will look at next spring.

e. Woodenshoe Holiday Fest: Wednesday December 12 at 6:00 to 7:30PM.

f. Wi-Fi for Campground and review rates for 2019 season: Will review in the spring.

g. New computer for office: Need to operate under Windows 10 and also go with a new backup system.

h. DDA report: Held first meeting and discussed some new ideas going forward.

i. Farmers Market for next year: Julie Waterman will run it for the Village.

j. Refurbish basketball and tennis court (pickle ball): Look into cost.


2. Motion by Boss, Sowers to set Halloween Hours from 5:00 to 8:00PM October 31, 2018. CARRIED 5-0

3. Motion by Rasmussen, Boss to approve Purchase Agreement with Fred Taylor for Village property for $7,530. CARRIED 5-0

4. Motion by Rasmussen, Boss to authorize Village President and Village Clerk to sign the agreement and other documents at the closing on behalf of the Village. CARRIED 5-0

5. Motion by Sowers, Rasmussen to approve Ordinance #1008 of 2018 to authorize the conveyance of Village Property. CARRIED 5-0

6. Motion by Spearing, Rasmussen to sell left over meter pits for $400.00 each. CARRIED 5-0

7. Motion by Sowers, Rasmussen to approve the purchase of a cab for the tractor. CARRIED 5-0

8. Motion for Boss, Sowers to approve the budget amendments. CARRIED 5-0

9. Motion by Spearing, Rasmussen to approve Network Attached Storage Unit for office computer in the amount of $489.99. CARRIED 5-0

10. Motion by Rasmussen, Boss, to approve purchase of a new Acer Aspire Desktop Computer for the Office for $599.99. CARRIED 5-0

11. Motion by Rasmussen, Boss to pay the bills. CARRIED 5-0

12. Motion by Sowers, Spearing to adjourn at 7:50PM. CARRIED 5-0

Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk