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October 2016




OCTOBER 10, 2016

Present: Campbell, Boss, Sowers, Spearing, McCallum, Stewart, and Potter.

Absent: Kammerer

Others: John Morris, Jerry Rasmussen, Aaron Gaffney, Chris Wallace

Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 PM

1. Motion by Boss/Spearing to accept the September 12, 2016 minutes as presented. CARRIED 6-0


Aaron Gaffney, Superintendent Ellsworth Community Schools, was present to answer any questions concerning the school’s building project and to seek Village approval wherever required.


Police: 9318 Lake Street has complied with request to clean-up their grounds.

DPW: Water project work has been completed.

Streets: Will look at paving some streets next year.


Planning Commission: N/A

Parks and Recreation: Final revenue for this year is $45,000.00 compared to $34,000.00 last year.


a. Fall Color Cruise along the Breezeway had poor participation this year due to lack of color and poor weather.

b. Community Square Project is waiting for the tree to be moved.

c. Paddle Antrim had twice as many participants as last year.

d. The sale of the old water system property is moving forward.

e. Wooden Shoe Holiday Fest will be held Wednesday, December 14.

f. In the November 8 election Rusty Powers will run for the vacant trustee seat as a write-in candidate.

g. Grand Traverse Pallet needs water for fire protection. They will install the line themselves.


2. Motion by Sowers, Spearing to set Halloween Hours October 31, from 5:00PM to 8:00PM CARRIED 6-0

3. Motion by Boss, McCallum to approve Ordinance Number 1 of 2016 to the Ellsworth Zoning Ordinance in regard to MMMA. CARRIED 6-0

4. Motion by Spearing, McCallum to approve Site Improvements Letter for Ellsworth Community School. CARRIED 6-0

5. Motion by Spearing, Stewart to authorize President Campbell to sign any documents pertaining to the sale of the old water system property. CARRIED 6-0

6. Motion by Spearing, Boss to approve Ordinance Number 2 of 2016 DDA. CARRIED 6-0

7. Motion by Boss, Stewart to approve Trail/Easement for the Jordan Valley Trails Council Snowmobile Trail. CARRIED 6-0

8. Motion by Sowers, Stewart to pay the bills. CARRIED 6-0

9. Motion by Boss, Sowers to adjourn at 8:00PM. CARRIED 6-0

Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk