Ellsworth, Michigan 49729
Phone: 231-588-7411
Email: office@villageofellsworth.com

May 2017




MAY 8, 2017

Present: Campbell, Boss, Sowers, Spearing, McCallum, Stewart

Absent: Rasmussen, Potter

Others: John Morris, Claire Karner

Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 PM

1. Motion by Boss, McCallum to accept the April 10, 2017 minutes as presented. CARRIED 6-0

PUBLIC INPUT: Claire Karner from Beckett Raeder introduced herself as our new Planning Consultant.


Police: Gave police report.


Streets: Will be painted this summer.


Planning Commission: N/A

Parks and Recreation: Park is now open. Looking for someone to paint the bath houses.

Ellsworth/Banks Township Recreation Plan is being updated.


a. Sale of old waterworks property is still ongoing.

b. 2017 Pig Roast planning is proceeding.

c. 2017 fireworks planning is proceeding.

d. TC Pallet/Water District need to address the issue of having enough pressure to run a water line but not enough volume.

e. Breezeway Garage Sale May 26 and 27. Twenty six miles of sales.

f. Farm Market can be moved to Community Square if necessary.

g. Paddle Antrim plans are moving forward.

h. Updated Blight (Nuisance) Ordinance is on hold for the present time.

i. Auditors for the 2017-2017 year will be here on May 15, 16 and 17.

j. MDARD Rural Development Grant has been awarded to the Village in the amount of $32,000.00. The funds will be used for an engineer’s feasibility study concerning sewage in the Village.

k. The Bridge/Culvert issue is ongoing.

l. The Village has received a grant for $4,500.00 for additional security cameras.


2. Motion by Boss, Spearing to approve a donation of $500.00 to the Pig Roast Committee. CARRIED 6-0

3. Motion by Stewart, Spearing to approve a donation of $1,000.00 to the Fireworks Committee. CARRIED 6-0

4. Motion by McCallum, Spearing to give the Village President the authority to sign any contract agreements for the MDARD Rural Development Grant. CARRIED 6-0

5. Motion by Boss, Stewart to give the Village President the authority to sign any contract agreements for the Recreation Plan with Networks Northwest. CARRIED 6-0

6. Motion by Boss, McCallum to approve the hiring of Planning Consultant Claire Karner of Beckett

and Reader. CARRIED 6-0

7. Motion by Boss, McCallum to pay the bills. CARRIED 6-0

8. Motion by McCallum, Boss to adjourn at 8:00PM. CARRIED 6-0

Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk