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March 14, 2022





March 14, 2022        



Present: Spearing, Boss, Sowers, McCallum, Palajac, Potter and Drenth


Absent: Campbell, Stewart


Others:  Jerry Rasmussen, Nan Karavas and Ben Herrick


Meeting called to order by Spearing at 7:00 PM.


  1. Motion by Sowers, Boss to accept February 14, 2022 regular minutes, Budget Hearing minutes February 14, 2022, Special Meeting minutes March 1, 2022 and Special Meeting minutes March 4, 2022. CARRIED 5-0


PUBLIC INPUT:  Rasmussen informed Council about a Jordan Valley Trail Council meeting he attended where the discussion was about trying to bring the snowmobile trail back to Ellsworth.




  1. Police:The new Police Chief, Ben Herrick, was introduced to the Council. 


  1. DPW:N/A


  1. Streets:N/A


  1. DDA:John Iacoangli from Beckett & Raeder is working with the DDA regarding a strategic plan for the Village.





  1. Planning Commission: Did not meet.


  1. Parks and Recreation: Did not meet.


  1. Finance Committee:Did not meet.





  1. Auditors – No date has been set yet.
  2. 2022 Pig Roast – Discussed $500.00 sponsorship by the Village.They are also considering having a beer tent at the event and were looking for input from the Village.
  3. Waste Water Sewer Project – The last report has been submitted to the USDA.
  4. Public Gathering Spaces Initiative – Spearing is looking at grant opportunities to refurbish Village Parks and recreation equipment.
  5. Conservation District River Park Project – A representative will be at the April meeting to discuss working with the ECS students on a project.
  6. Board Training Plan – Looking at different training options for board members. 
  7. Streets – Discussion regarding resurfacing of C48.





  1. Motion by Palajac, Boss to approve the budget amendments.CARRIED 5-0


  1. Motion by McCallum, Palajac to approve Paddle Antrim 2022 using River Park facilities September 15, 16, and 17.CARRIED 5-0


  1. Motion by McCallum, Palajac to approve Pig Roast 2022 using Community Park facilities June 17 and 18 and also approve a donation of $500.00. CARRIED 5-0


  1. Motion by McCallum, Boss to sign the contract with Antrim County Road Commission to pave Main Street (Atwood Rd.) from Village Limits to Church Street. CARRIED 5-0


  1. Motion by Sowers, Palajac to approve a Board Training Plan.CARRIED 5-0


  1. Motion by Boss, McCallum to pay the bills, including an additional bill from GEI Consultants when verified.CARRIED 5-0


  1. Motion by Sowers, McCallum to adjourn at 7:55pm.CARRIED 5-0    





Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk