Ellsworth, Michigan 49729
Phone: 231-588-7411
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March 11, 2024





MARCH 11, 2024



Present: Dhillon, A. Drenth, Sowers, McCallum, Bennett, and M. Drenth

Absent: Potter, Campbell, Spearing

Others:  Jarris Rubingh, Aaron Gaffney, Nathan Swailes

Meeting called to order by M. Drenth at 7:00pm

  1. Motion by McCallum, Sowers to accept the Budget Hearing minutes of February 12, 2024, as presented. CARRIED 5-0
  2. Motion by McCallum, A. Drenth to amend the Regular Meeting minutes of February 12, 2024

to show the Planning Commission held a meeting by ZOOM on January 17, 2024. CARRIED 5-0

PUBLIC INPUT: County Commissioner Rubingh reported the Building Department of Antrim County has moved to their new location on the first floor of the County Building which is a better location for them.

Superintendent Aaron Gaffney of Ellsworth Community Schools presented a plan they are looking at for the Building Trades Program. They would like to have the program build a home(s) on a permanent site within the Village. He wondered if the Village would be interested in selling a piece of property that is currently owned by the Village.

Nathan Swailes from Ellsworth Farmer’s Exchange discussed the process they are currently going through with Consumer’s Power to reroute their electrical lines. Some of the current lines are out of code. He provided a diagram to show us the layout for the new lines. This will be necessary for them to do in order to put in new automated gas pumps. It will cost them approximately $143,000 to complete the process. They are looking for support for this project from the Village, the DDA, etc.



  1. Police:N/A
  1. DPW:N/A
  1. Streets: N/A
  1. DDA:Will be having a ribbon cutting for the new directional signs and the kiosk that have been placed in town. They will have a student representative on the DDA board.


  1. Planning Commission – Did not meet.
  1. Parks and Recreation: N/A
  1. Finance Committee:N/A



  1. Auditors – May 28 thru May 30, 2024
  2. 2024 Pig Roast – June 14 thru June 15
  3. Wastewater/ Sewer Project update –
  4. Ellsworth DWSRG Project (Water System Grant) – Has been resubmitted.
  5. Stakeholder meeting on improvements to Community Park and River Park – March 11, 2024, at 11:00 am.
  6. Housing seed grant – On hold
  7. Police building – McCallum provided drawings and will get an estimate of cost.
  8. Pavilion use for Students-Lions Club Bank – Will be no charge for use of Pavilion for those events.



  1. Motion by McCallum, Sowers to approve Paddle Antrim 2024 to use facilities September 12, 13 and 14.CARRIED 5-0
  1. Motion by Bennett, McCallum to approve Pig Roast 2024 to use facilities June 14 and 15.CARRIED 5-0
  1. Motion by McCallum, A. Drenth to approve Par Plan grant resolution. CARRIED 5-0
  1. Motion by Dhillon, Sowers to approve Hazardous Mitigation Plan resolution. CARRIED 5-0
  1. Motion by Sowers, Bennett to approve bills in the amount of $10,537.05. CARRIED 5-0
  1. Motion by Dhillon, McCallum to adjourn at 8:00pm. CARRIED 5-0

Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk