Ellsworth, Michigan 49729
Phone: 231-588-7411
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June 2016




JUNE 13, 2016

Present: Campbell, Boss, Sowers, Spearing, Kammerer, McCallum, and Potter.

Absent: Stewart

Others: Darren Graham, Janice Drost, Jerry Rasmussen, Tina Sundelius, John Morris

Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 PM

1. Motion by Spearing, McCallum to accept the May 9, 2016, minutes as presented. CARRIED. 6-0

2. Motion by Spearing, McCallum to accept the May 9, 2016 ZBA Organizational minutes as presented. CARRIED 6-0


Janice Drost commended the Village and employees for the appearance of the grounds belonging to the Village. Also expressed concern about the speed limits being exceeded.

Jerry Rasmussen expressed concern about the fund raising for the annual fireworks falling behind.


Police: Informed the Pig Roast Committee will start set-up Thursday, June 16.

DPWStreets: All paving has been completed and the handheld reading device for the new water meters has arrived.


Planning Commission: Work is progressing on the Master Plan/survey and on the marijuana ordinance.

Parks and Recreation: The campground is using Square for the processing of credit cards. The summer recreation program continues to grow.


a. The 2015-2016 audit reports were distributed.

b. The Pig Roast committee is getting a good response for volunteers.

c. Paddle Antrim will have a cruise the Friday night of Pig Roast.

d. The Village flower containers have been planted.

e. The fencing for the Community Square has been started.

f. The sale of the old water works property is moving forward as test wells are being drilled.

g. There will be a circus in Ellsworth on July 4. It will be held inside the track at the Sports Complex.

h. Ellsworth/Atwood Community Forum is working to qualify for a low to moderate income status.

i. Work is moving forward to revise the nuisance/blight ordinance.


3. Motion by McCallum, Spearing to pass the delinquent water bill resolution. CARRIED 6-0

4. Motion by Boss, Kammerer to set the millage rate at 12.3. CARRIED 6-0

5. Motion by Boss, Kammerer to pass the credit card use policy resolution. CARRIED 6-0

6. Motion by Spearing, Boss to convert the Village Garage to DTE-natural gas. CARRIED 5-1

7. Motion by Spearing, McCallum to pass the tax collection resolution. CARRIED 6-0

8. Motion by Boss, Kammerer to renew our NLEA membership. CARRIED 6-0

9. Motion by Boss, Spearing to approve budget amendments. CARRIED 6-0

10. Motion by Boss, Spearing, to approve repaving of Bridge Street/Pleasant Hill along with the Township/Antrim County. CARRIED 6-0

11. Motion by Sowers, Spearing to approve the purchase of a used street sweeper at a cost of $14,000.00 plus delivery to be financed through the Charlevoix

State Bank giving the Village President and Village Clerk the authority to sign all documents. CARRIED 6-0

12. Motion by Spearing, Sowers to proceed with the purchase of security cameras for the Community Square and Community Park. CARRIED 6-0

13. Motion by Boss, McCallum to adopt a resolution to form a DDA for the Village. CARRIED 6-0

14. Motion by Boss, Spearing to purchase new office furniture for the Clerk. CARRIED 6-0

15. Motion by Kammerer, Sowers to apply to Rotary Charities for a Planning Grant of $3,200 with an $800.00 match by the Village. CARRIED 6-0

16. Motion by Sowers, McCallum to pay the bills. CARRIED 6-0

17. Motion by Spearing, Sowers to adjourn at 8:30PM. CARRIED 6-0

Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk