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June 10, 2024





JUNE 10, 2024



Present: Campbell, Spearing, McCallum, Sowers, A. Drenth, Bennett, and M. Drenth.


Absent: Dhillon, Potter


Others: Jarris Rubingh, Jemima Rubingh, Matt Mualdore, Jerry Rasmussen, Linda VanAndel, Sam Worgess, Police Chief Jacob Byrd.


Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 pm.


  1. Motion by McCallum, Spearing to accept the Regular Minutes and the Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes as presented. CARRIED 6-0


PUBLIC INPUT:  Linda VanAndel wondered if the Village would support the Six Mile Lake Association raising funding to do a study on Six Mile Lake to determine the cause of the flooding of some of the homes on that lake. Wondering if the Bridge Culvert is a contributing factor.

Jemima Rubingh read a poem to the Village.

Jarris Rubingh reminded us of the open house June 11, 2024, at the Forest Home Township Hall regarding new updated preliminary flood insurance rate maps released for Antrim County.  North Country Community Health is meeting Friday June 14, 2024, to discuss the best way to spend the OPIOD funds they have received.

Matt Muladore was representing the ECS school board. They have been discussing projects for their building trades program. They wondered if the Village had any interest in having a new concession stand built for the Sports Park. He is also running for Antrim County Sheriff and gave a brief summary of his history in law enforcement.

Sam Worgess informed us of issues he is having with neighbors concerning his property line and various other issues he is having with them. Police Chief Byrd spoke with him and gave him some direction on how to handle the issues.




  1. Police: Working on several grants to purchase new in car radar and a breathalyzer.
  2. Streets: N/A
  3. Parks/Recreation: Have purchased some new equipment for the summer recreation program.
  4. Woodenshoe campground is open and busy.







  1. DDA: Working on some more new signage for the Village. Concerts in the Park will start every Wednesday beginning June 26th and run through August 7.
  2. Planning Commission: N/A




  1. 2023-2024 audit – Has been completed.
  2. Paddle Antrim – Will be celebrating their 10th anniversary.
  3. Village Flowers – Have been purchased and placed around the Village.
  4. Update on sanitary wastewater system – Plan to hold a meeting in July to update Village residents.
  5. Update on DWSRF project – Grant has been resubmitted.
  6. Police infrastructure – Looking at some options.
  7. Building at Sports Park – Has been moved from the school and put in place at the Sports Park.
  8. Noxious Weeds – Letters have been sent to homeowners regarding mowing their lawns.
  9. Concrete work – Replace Susie Gardner’s sidewalk and pour cement for new playground equipment at River Park. Jerry Rasmussen will prepare the ground and Dudley Stevens will pour the concrete for both projects.
  10. Rain gauge for Chain of Lakes – Jerry Rasmussen is taking care of that.
  11. Short term rental policy – Looked at several examples but no action taken.
  12. Community meeting – Will be held June 24, 2024, beginning at 6:00pm at Banks Township Hall.
  13. Relocating recycling bins – Put on hold at the present time.
  14. Pig Roast – June 14 and June 15.





  1. Motion by Spearing, Campbell to approve the Delinquent Water Bill Resolution.  CARRIED 6-0
  2. Motion by Campbell, Sowers to set Millage Rate (L-4029) at 12.50 mills. CARRIED 6-0
  3. Motion by Campbell, Spearing to approve Tax Collection Resolution. CARRIED 6-0
  4. Motion by Sowers, Bennett to approve six new picnic tables for the Campground. CARRIED 6-0
  5. Motion by McCallum, Spearing to commit remaining AARPA funds to the water department. CARRIED 6-0
  6. Motion by Sowers, Spearing to pay the bills. CARRIED 6-0
  7. Motion by Sowers, Spearing to adjourn at 8:35pm. CARRIED 6-0



Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk