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July 2015




JULY 13, 2015

Present: Campbell, Boss, Sowers, Stewart, Spearing, M. B. Drenth and Potter.

Absent: Kammerer

Others: Tina Sundelius, John Morris, Jerry Rasmussen

Meeting called to order by Campbell at 7:00 PM

1. Motion by Boss/Stewart to accept the June 7, 2015 minutes as presented. CARRIED. 7-0



Police: County has had more presence in the area.

DPW: Water Project – Government has all the paper work for final approval.


Planning Commission: Discussion concerning regulations related to medical marijuana.

Recreation Committee:

a. Parks: Revenue is up at Wooden Shoe Park.

Discussion concerning having a fee to reserve the Pavilion.

b. Little League: Growing in numbers and they also ran a concession stand this year.


a. Discussion about purchasing security cameras for placement within the Village.

b. Paddle Antrim set for September 19, 2015. A banner promoting the event will be placed by the school. Campground will stay open thru that date.

c. 2015 Pig Roast has received a lot of positive feedback. The committee has committed to donating a $1,000.00 to the Community Square project.

d. Crowd Funding for the Community Square is moving forward.

e. MI Farm Market is working on an agreement with David Muha to locate in Muha’s building on Lake Street.

f. Lynn Spearing is working with the Community Foundation FOCUS Fund Grant on behalf of the Village.

g. Repairs are necessary to the foundation of the Concession Building at the Community Park.

h. Mary Campbell/MC Planning has retired and Banks Township is conducting interviews for a replacement.


2. Budget Amendments: N/A

3. Motion by Spearing/Sowers to sell property owned by the Village located at 9627 Lake Street to David Muha and authorize the President to sign all documents pertaining to the sale. CARRIED 7/0

4. Motion by Spearing/Boss to participate in Propane Prepay at Ellsworth Farmer’s Exchange in the amount of $4,000.00. CARRIED 7/0

5. Motion by Stewart/Sowers to purchase the necessary equipment to use Squares for the processing of credit cards for Wooden Shoe Campground. CARRIED 7/0

6. Motion by Boss/Campbell to pay bills. CARRIED 7/0

7. Motion by Stewart/Boss to adjourn at 7:55 PM. CARRIED 7/0

Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk