Ellsworth, Michigan 49729
Phone: 231-588-7411
Email: office@villageofellsworth.com

April 8, 2024





APRIL 8, 2024



Present: Spearing, A. Drenth, Sowers, Dhillon, McCallum, Bennett and M. Drenth

Absent: Campbell, Potter

Others:  Jarris Rubingh, Jerry Rasmussen, Barry Cole

Meeting called to order by Spearing at 7:00pm

  1. Motion by Bennett, Dhillon to accept the regular minutes of March 11, 2024, as presented. CARRIED 6-0

PUBLIC INPUT: Barry Cole addressed the Council regarding the fact he is running for the position of Antrim County Probate Judge. He presented a copy of an Open Letter to Antrim County Voters.

Jarris Rubingh informed the Council that the Tip of the Mitt has purchased a bebot (type of robot) that will clean the beaches of plastic.  The equalization figures for Antrim County have gone up 22%.



  1. Police:N/A
  2. DPW:Discussion regarding the restrooms at Community Park.
  3. Streets: N/A



  1. DDA:Ribbon Cutting for new signs April 29, 2024, at 3:30pm.
  2. Planning Commission:Presented 2023 Annual Report. Working on some required documents.



  1. Recreation Department:Director to follow up contacting home schoolers regarding Little League signup.
  2. Ellsworth Parks Project:New playground equipment has been shipped. Waiting on a date for the repair to the track.
  3. Breezeway Garage Sale:May 24 and 25.
  4. Clean up Day:Saturday, May 11, 2024, at 8:00am. Reminder will be placed on May water bills.
  5. Auditors:May 28-30.
  6. Paddle Antrim:September 12-14.
  7. Pig Roast:June 14 and 15.
  8. Wastewater Treatment System update:Waiting on grant(s).
  9. DWSRF Project – Application for a grant has been resubmitted.
  10. Opening of Wooden Shoe Campground:May 15, 2024.
  11. Recycling bin issue:New camera has been installed.
  12. Replacing Village mower: Presented bid from Hutson.
  13. Police infrastructure:McCallum will present numbers at the May meeting.
  14. Housing:Housing North discussed different options for providing housing in the area. Also discussed the schools building trades program building some homes.
  15. Consumers Power: Discussed ways to help support Ellsworth Farmers Exchange in their efforts to have their power lines updated. Also discussed if the Village should join in efforts to have the entire Village updated.



  1. Motion by Bennett, McCallum to approve the budget amendments. CARRIED 6-0
  1. Motion by Sowers, McCallum to approve the purchase of a new mower in the amount of $12,459.00 from Hutson. CARRIED 6-0
  1. Motion by Sowers, Bennett to approve the work on the restrooms at the Community Park in the amount of $3,800. CARRIED 6-0
  1. Motion by Sowers, Bennett to approve the bills in the amount of $11,243.71. CARRIED 6-0
  1. Motion by Dhillon, Spearing to adjourn at 8:00pm. CARRIED 6-0

Marlene Drenth, Village Clerk