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September 28





SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 6:01 PM by Rusty Powers, Chairperson.

  • Members Present: Mary Faculak, Jan Rasmussen, Rusty Powers, Tina Sundelius, Marci Palajac, Hugh Campbell

  • Members Absent: Judy Worgess, Mary Peterson, Julie Waterman

Others Present: Lynn Spearing joined the meeting via phone to listen to our guest speaker.

Agenda: Moved by Faculak to approve the meeting agenda and a request to move the agenda item of Jane Mackenzie from Northern Michigan Homes to be earlier in the meeting, seconded by Sundelius. Motion carried by unanimous consent.

Meeting Minutes: Moved by Campbell to approve the minutes from the August 24, 2020 meeting, seconded by Faculak. Motion carried by unanimous consent.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Peterson not in attendance to give report.

Village of Ellsworth Report: Campbell reported that there will be no set hours for trick or treating. Distancing will be suggested. Decorating for Christmas on the corner of the Township Hall will be welcomed. Campbell said there are funds for anybody who would like to organize this. Sundelius will ask the new ladies club if they would be interested. There is an agreement on the land for the sewer lagoon.

Committee Reports:

  • Water Trail Initiative

  • Village Blight Control

  • Ellsworth Beautification

  • Business Retention and Recruitment

  • Farmer’s Market

These reports were tabled until next month in the interest of time.

Old Business:

  • Dog Park Planning- Campbell said the village will supply the dog bag station. Powers said it will be between $1700 and $1800 dollars to complete this project. This will not happen until next spring.

  • Beach Improvement – tabled until next month.

New Business:

  • Housing Development in Ellsworth – Ms. Jane MacKenzie from Northern Michigan Homes CDC – Jane introduced herself. Northern Homes CDC covers 6 county areas. They provide home buyer education, build and manage apartments and build and sell single family houses. They have their own general contractor. They can build homes and do it affordably and keep it local. Jane asked what is needed in Ellsworth. Campbell & Faculak stressed that we need housing for Senior Citizens for those that currently have homes but would thrive if there was a Senior Citizen home, therefore, leaving homes available for younger families. Jane suggested we identify property that would be available. We need to figure out income levels for rentals or for ownership for Ellsworth. Spearing suggested getting started with a survey. Faculak and Spearing will work on this project. Powers suggested that a meeting should be set up to discuss the survey. Jane MacKenzie will be sending Faculak information to help with this process. Powers suggested setting a date for November between Banks Twp and the DDA. The High School gym may be the best place for a meeting for distancing. The meeting has been set for November 23 in lieu of our DDA meeting. Faculak will invite Jane MacKenzie. Powers will contact Alex Busman regarding this issue. Campbell will discuss with the Village Council.

Public Comment: None

Special Announcement:

Powers announced that he would step down as Chairperson as of the November meeting if there is a nominee for the Chairperson. He would still participate in the DDA. Powers will contact those not in attendance of this news.


Motion to adjourn at 7:06 p.m. by Faculak and seconded by Campbell.

Motion approved by unanimous consent.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, October 26 at 6:00 PM at the Banks Township Hall located at 6520 Center Street in Ellsworth. 231-588-7411

______________________________________________________________September 28, 2020

Submitted by: Marci Palajac, Secretary

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Approved by: Rusty Powers, Chairperson Date