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September 28, 2023








Meeting Minutes  


Meeting was called to order at 5:01 p.m. by Mary Faculak, Chairperson. 

  • Members Present:  Faculak, Spearing, Sundelius,  McCallum, and Campbell.
  • Members Absent: Swailes, Wallace, and Randall.

Approval of the Agenda:  

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Sundelius,  and seconded by McCallum. Motion carried by unanimous consent. 

Approval of the Minutes:  

A motion to approve the Meeting Minutes from August 28, 2023 was made by  Faculak and Spearing. 

Motion carried by unanimous consent. 

Treasurer’s Report: (Ginny McCallum) The balance is currently  $15,214.48. She wants to help get Ellsworth annual household income revised by the state to allow us to apply for grants.  Lynn Spearing and Marci Potter completed and submitted the annual state and federal village auditors.   

Chair Report: (Mary Faculak) Reported on Paddle Antrim being a success once again with more paddlers this year than last year.  Johanna & Mark O’Hagen who purchased The House on the Hill would like to become involved with DDA along with Ellsworth Village Meetings.

Jack Roth may be visiting on October 19, 2023 but not confirmed yet.

  • Marketing and Branding – Faculak called Todd at Pro Image to confirm the Kiosk sign and sizing 48” x 46-½”.  Signs to be placed on the high school corner and corner of Church & Main Street. 

  • Neighborhood Trunk or Treat – October 31st, 2023 at the Ellsworth Pavillion.  Norma Oveda would like to volunteer to help.  Spearing needs to identify who is coming to help and organize times, including hay rides, etc.  Sundelius worked on a press release for Neighborhood Trunk or Treat and press release in school announcements letting the children know about the event.  Tima wants to get wedding photos at the Pavilion from Mary Drenth to promote rental of The Ellsworth Pavilion.  

  • Breezeway – Marci is getting $5 off coupons from Boyne Mountain for the Breezeway.   Faculak talked about getting banners for Ellsworth and East Jordan at the welcome center in Claire. 


A motion to adjourn at 6:00 p.m. was made by Faculak and seconded by Sundelius. 

October’s DDA Meeting will be canceled due to Halloween.  The next regular meeting will be held on November 27th, 2023 at 5:00 pm at Banks Township Hall located at  6520 Center St., Ellsworth 231-588-7411. 

___________________________________________ October 6th, 2023 

Submitted by: Sundelius and McCallum 

___________________________________________ ________________ 

Mary Faculak, Chairperson        Date