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September 27









SEPTEMBER 27, 2021




Meeting was called to order at 5:02 p.m. by Mary Faculak, Chairperson.


  • Members Present: Faculak, Palajac, McCallum, Sundelius, Spearing, Rasmussen, Campbell
  • Members Absent: Waterman


Others Present: Dr. Chris Randall


Agenda: A motion to approve the agenda was made by Spearing and seconded by McCallum.

Motion carried by unanimous consent.


Meeting Minutes: A motion to approve the minutes from the August 30, 2021 meeting was made by Palajac and seconded by Spearing.

Motion carried by unanimous consent.


Monthly Reports


Treasurer’s Report (Ginny McCallum): McCallum reported that she is looking into whether Ellsworth is considered low income. She will be applying for grants. She will have more to report next month. She will be needing a bank account to link for the grants. Spearing explained that the account hasn’t been set up yet.



Village of Ellsworth (Hugh Campbell): Campbell passed out a Village of Ellsworth “Budget Control” paper. Spearing explained that the DDA has $5,000 from TIFA. This money needs to be budgeted and there are rules to follow on how we can spend it. McCallum will have to work with Campbell (Village President). The budget will need to be done by the February Council meeting. The DDA will need to make recommendations on what we would like to spend it on. Any grant monies or any other monies earned has to be accounted for in this “Budget Control”.  The sewer project is still in process. Breezeway Paddle Sports is up and running. The Taylor house is being restored. A senior citizen’s home is being considered behind that house. The Village is having the picnic tables under the pavilion washed and stained.



Chair Report (Mary Faculak): Housing meeting produced good conversation. Still looking at putting senior housing across the street from Ebenezer Christian school. Breezeway Paddle Sports needs one or two people that can assist those who might have trouble getting to the boats. If anyone thinks of anybody, contact Mary Faculak.  Breezeway cruises are going on. Over a 120 bags were handed out. There are two more Breezeway Cruise dates to go. State of the Community will be held in January. The DDA will need to have information available and someone from DDA will need to make the presentation. The Labyrinth is such a nice commodity and Faculak would like to get a sponsor to obtain a brochure with information on the Labyrinth. Faculak feels there should be more information on the tank and a way to commemorate it.



Committee Reports



  • Paddle Antrim / Water Trail: 175 paddlers and everyone was extremely happy.
  • Farmer’s Market: Discussion went around on ideas to increase vendors and customers. Spearing suggested we wait for Waterman to be at the meeting to discuss the future of the market.


DDA Board Member Nominations: Spearing nominated Dr. Chris Randall to fill the open spot on the DDA. Motion to nominate Dr. Chris Randall was made by Spearing and seconded by Sundelius. A formal letter will be sent to the Village Council.



Retreat/Strategic Planning: Faculak reported that the members on the DDA will need a training via Michigan State Extension. Dates suggested are November 29 or November 30. Spearing submitted a proposal to Rotary Charities for them to get behind the DDA.


Public Comment: Rasmussen spoke with Heather Beem. She is opening up a Real Estate office on Lake Street call HER Real Estate.

There was a ribbon cutting at the Pickle Ball courts.



Motion to adjourn at 5:53 p.m. was made by Faculak and seconded by Rasmussen.

Motion approved by unanimous consent.


The next regular meeting will be held Monday, October 25, 2021 at Banks Township Hall located at 6520 Center Street, Ellsworth. 231-588-7411





_______________________________________________________ September 27, 2021

Submitted by: Marci Palajac, Secretary








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