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October 26





OCTOBER 26, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Rusty Powers, Chairperson.

• Members Present: Marci Palajac, Julie Waterman, Rusty Powers, Mary Faculak, Jan Rasmussen, Hugh Campbell, Tina Sundelius, Mary Peterson

• Members Absent: Judy Worgess,

Others Present: Lynn Spearing

Agenda: Moved by Faculak to approve the meeting agenda and seconded by Peterson. Motion carried by unanimous consent.

Meeting Minutes: Moved by Faculak to approve the minutes from the September 28, 2020 regular meeting, seconded by Powers. Motion carried by unanimous consent.

Monthly Reports

Treasurer’s Report: Peterson reported that the DDA has no financial accounts or funds at this time.

Village of Ellsworth Report: Campbell reported that Dollar General is open. There is a signed lease agreement for the property on Coehling Rd. For the sewer project. The pavilion is finished. The village is not supporting an organized Trick or Treating event this year. Christmas events need to be discussed.

Committee Reports

• Water Trail Initiative – Faculak reported that a planning session will take place in November for Paddle Antrim.

• Village Blight Control – Powers reported the white house next to the Front Porch Restaurant has been cleaned up. Overall, the streets are looking so much better.

• Ellsworth Beautification – Tabled

• Business Retention and Recruitment – Faculak reported that Dollar General will be having a ribbon cutting soon.

• Farmer’s Market – Waterman reported that overall the Market was better than expected. Electricity is being considered for that area.

Old Business:

• Beach Improvement – Next year, this will be a focus for the DDA.

• DDA Chairman nominations – The consensus is for Rusty Powers stay on as Chairman. This will be tabled until next month. Powers suggested doing a fund raiser to get some money in our account.

• Housing Initiatives – Powers talked to Alex Bushman about a meeting concerning housing. November 23rd will not work at this time for a housing meeting. We will invite Mr. Bushman to the next meeting to apprise him of the housing situation. Campbell reported that a new home will be built at Essex Estates. The Village Council is open to putting a senior home on the property across from Ebenezer Christian School.

New Business:

• Town Pride Day 2021- The date has not been set yet, but is usually in May. Powers suggested we put efforts into promoting it. This will be our first goal for next year. Campbell suggested that we do prizes for Most Improved and Beautification.

• Suggestions for 2021 projects – Powers suggested that one of the projects we need to concentrate on is improving the beach area (cabana for shade, dock, trees, shrubs) for which he will head up. Spearing is looking for grants to focus on branding. Faculak feels we should set up a Housing Committee through the DDA that gets cooperation from the Village, Chamber and County Commissioner and also looking into Senior Housing. Faculak will spearhead this endeavor with the help of Peterson. Powers will continue to explore creating a Dog Park.

• Chamber News: Faculak reported that a Chamber Chat is being run by Faculak twice a month via Zoom. The Chamber is advertising Chamber news to encourage participation. The Welcome Center in Clare continues to support the Chamber with displaying the water preserve. Faculak is writing for the Snowmobiler Magazine. Breezeway Cruises this year were the best successes ever seen.

Public Comment:


Motion to adjourn at 6:56 p.m. by Waterman and seconded by Rasmussen.
Motion approved by unanimous consent.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, November 23, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at the Banks Township Hall located at 6520 Center Street, Ellsworth. 231-588-7411

_________________________________________________________ October 26, 2020
Submitted by: Marci Palajac, Secretary

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Approved by: Rusty Powers, Chairperson Date