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May 22, 2023

MONDAY, MAY 22, 2023
Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order at 5:10 p.m. by Mary Faculak, Chairperson.
• Members Present: Spearing, Faculak, Palajac, Wallace, McCallum, Sundelius
• Members Absent: Randall, Campbell, Swailes
Others Present: Robyn Yarmak, Executive Director for Good Samaritan
Approval of the Agenda:
A motion to approve the agenda was made by Wallace and seconded by Spearing.
Motion carried by unanimous consent.
Approval of the Minutes:
A motion to approve the Meeting Minutes from April 24, 2023 was made by Palajac
and seconded by Sundelius.
Motion carried by unanimous consent.
Treasurer’s Report (Ginny McCallum) – Balance is currently $13,016.94.
A motion to accept the Financial Report was made by Spearing and seconded by Wallace.
Motion carried by unanimous consent.
Committee Reports:
Concerts on the Square: Spearing read the check list that hosts need to follow for each
concert. Each host received their check list. Sundelius will visit Gold Nugget to remind them of
the upcoming concerts.
Wayfinding Signage: Faculak reported that an email was sent from Pro Image. Design options
were passed around to DDA members to view. A design was chosen. We went over the list to
be put on the kiosk.
Beautification: McCallum reported that it would be nice to do hanging pots from Royal Farms
on the lamp posts. McCallum will talk to the DPW Supervisor about the hanging pot idea. He
may be helpful in watering the plants. The cost would be $500 + cost for watering apparatus.
She will have Royal Farms invoice us. Motion to spend $500 + cost for watering apparatus was
made by Sundelius and Wallace seconded.
Chair Update (Mary Faculak) – Faculak reported that Garage Sales Across the Breezeway
have a good amount of sign ups. Visitor Guides are ready. Faculak asked about the Spark

Grant. Spearing reported that our application to the USDA has been approved for the sewer
project. There are other means of funding that are being applied for.
Board Member Updates – None
Public Comment – Robin Yarmak from the Good Samaritan reported that her philosophy is to
give people a hand up not a hand out. There is a limit to amount of monies to be given. They
are given three consecutive months and then financial planning is needed. She doesn’t want
Good Samaritan to become a crutch to fully pay bills. There have been growing pains, but this
is a good lesson.
Adjournment: A motion to adjourn at 6:25 p.m. was made by Sundelius and seconded by
Motion carried by unanimous consent.
The next regular meeting will be held on June 26, 2023 at Banks Township Hall located at 6520
Center St., Ellsworth 231-588-7411.
_____________________________________ May 22, 2023
Submitted by: Marci Palajac, Secretary
____________________________________ _____________________
Approved by: Mary Faculak, Chairperson Date