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June 22






June 22, 202

Meeting called to order at 6:04 p.m. by Rusty Powers, Chairperson

Members Present: Rusty Powers, Mary Faculak, Hugh Campbell, Jan Rasmussen,
Tina Sandelius, Mary Peterson, Judy Worgess

Member Absent: None
Others Present: Lynn Spearing

Agenda: Moved by Waterman and seconded by Sandelius to approve the meeting agenda.

Motion carried by unanimous consent.

Meeting Minutes: Moved by Palajac and seconded by Rasmussen to approve the minutes from the February 24th regular meeting. Motion carried by unanimous consent.

Treasurer’s Report: Peterson reported that the DDA has no financial accounts or funds at this time.

Village of Ellsworth Report: Campbell reported that the Village is making an offer for 40 acres on Coehling Rd. for the sewer lagoon. Government assistance will be considered.

Committee Reports:
• Water Trail Initiative: Sandelius reported that Paddle Antrim has been cancelled for this year.

• Village Blight Control: Spearing reported that our new police officer is being effective in citing problems. Rasmussen reported that the house next to the Front Porch is problematic.

• Ellsworth Beautification: Spearing reported that the contest idea will be executed next year. Yaeger Griswold will be working on the Labyrinth to clean it up with other participants.

• Business Retention and Recruitment: See Old Business.

• Farmer’s Market: Waterman reported that the Farmer’s Market will be opening this Saturday, June 26.

Old Business:
• Community cleanup update and planning: Spearing asked if there is anything we can do to help clean up. Peterson suggested opening up the dump.

• New Business Updates –
– Breezeway Paddle Sports: Faculak reported that they are delivering kayaks and canoes to the customer. Still looking for a location.

– Needmore Storage & Suites- Concrete poured for the ramp.

– Dollar General- They hope to be closing on the property on July 1. The Planning Commission sent the representative from Dollar General the minutes from the meeting. The drainage problem has been addressed and the signage will be ground level.

• Pig Roast Update: The Pig Roast for 2020 has been cancelled. The planning will continue for next year.

New Business:
• Procedural Items:
– Review the draft of the Development and TIFA plans, adopt a resolution approving
such plans and schedule a public hearing. Spearing reported that they will be meeting with the Planning Consultant, Sean Winter. She will report back next month with Sean Winter in attendance.

– Discuss next steps for the DDA in view of our current situation: Powers suggested a new vision in lieu of having Covid 19 halting us in the last 3 months. Faculak asked Dave Rasmussen, the owner of NeedMoreStorage if he needed any Chamber help. Faculak asked him to let her know what he needs. Faculak report that housing will be the next issue. She stressed that contractors are needed. Waterman suggested talking to Jane Mackenzie, Director of the Boyne City Housing Commission and having her attend a meeting. Faculak will contact her. Spearing reported that Eagle will be doing the assessment on the property downtown. Spearing helped the Historical Society to get a grant.

Public Comments:

• No public comment.

Motion to adjourn at 6:46p.m. by Waterman and seconded by Faculak. Motion carried by unanimous consent.

The next regular meeting will be held Monday, July 27 at 6:00 p.m. at the Banks Township Hall located at 6520 Center Street in Ellsworth. 231-588-7411.

___________________________________________________________ June 22, 2020
Submitted by: Marci Palajac, Secretary

____________________________________________________________ ____________________
Approved by: Rusty Powers, Chairperson