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February 27, 2023






Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Lynn Spearing (member) for Mary Faculak, Chairperson.

• Members Present: McCallum, Palajac, Swailes, Spearing, Randall, Wallace, Sundelius • Members Absent: Faculak, Campbell

Others Present: Pro Image

Approval of the Agenda:

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Sundelius and seconded by McCallum. Motion carried by unanimous consent.

Approval of the Minutes:

A correction to be made to the January 30, 2023 minutes, as pointed out by Swailes, is the number of employees at the Farmer’s Exchange should be 50, not 15.
A motion to approve the minutes of January 30, 2023 with the correction was made by Wallace and seconded by McCallum.
Motion carried by unanimous consent.

New Logo Report (Pro Image): The two mock ups produced by Pro Image were shown to the DDA members. A vote was made between the two mock ups. Sample A – 2 votes and Sample B – 5 votes.
Preliminary budget numbers for these signs are $2,000 to $2,400 each for smaller signs. $2,800 to $4,800 for three large signs. Pro Image will add color to Sample B. Directional signs for each business was discussed. Spearing will get some specificity of accomplishing this task.

Treasurer’s Report (Ginny McCallum): $15,214.48 is the current balance. McCallum met with Wallace to prepare the budget. It was reported that the Village will be getting an estimate on the upkeep of the Labyrinth. It has been decided that the DDA is not responsible for it. McCallum went over the budget by line item with DDA members. Acceptance of the Financial Report was made by Sundelius and seconded by Palajac.

Committee Reports:

Concerts on the Square: Spearing reported that there is great interest from several performers who are interested in playing at our Concerts on the Square. Spearing will compile a list of performers for all of us to listen to. Discussion ensued on whether or not to have a food truck. Sundelius will speak with the Gold Nugget to see if they would be willing and able to provide food and drink outside. We had discussion on the dependability of the Gold Nugget. We will give them one month to prove they can honor our request. The Gold Nugget will be invited to our April meeting.


Chair Update (Mary Faculak): None

Board Member Updates: Sundelius wrote a policy about the use of chairs from the Township Hall. She has asked the DDA members to peruse this policy and give feedback. The regular April meeting for Banks Township is April 17. We are encouraged to attend as DDA members. Spearing suggested we accept the written policy with allowance for modification. Sundelius also passed out the Mission Statement for Ellsworth/Banks Township Center Mission. Sundelius motioned to accept the written policy with allowance for modification and McCallum seconded.

Public Comment: None

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn at 6:00 p.m. was made by Swailes and seconded by Randall.
Motion was carried with unanimous consent.

The next regular meeting will be held March 27, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. at Banks Township Hall located at 6520 Center St., Ellsworth 231-588-7411.

______________________________________________________ Submitted by: Marci Palajac, Secretary

______________________________________________________ Approved by: Mary Faculak, Chairperson

February 27, 2023

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