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August 28, 2023

                                                        VILLAGE OF ELLSWORTH
                                         DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
                                                       REGULAR MEETING
                                               MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 2023

5:00 p.m. Banks Township Hall
Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Mary Faculak, Chairperson.
• Members Present: Palajac, McCallum, Faculak, Sundelius, Spearing, Randall, Wallace,
Campbell, Swailes
• Members Absent: None
Others Present: Robyn Yarmack, Good Samaritan

Approval of Agenda:
A motion to approve the agenda was made by Campbell and seconded by Randall.
Motion carried by unanimous consent.

Approval of the Minutes:
A motion to approve the Meeting Minutes from June 26, 2023 was made by McCallum and
seconded by Wallace.
Motion carried with unanimous consent.

Treasurer’s Report: (Ginny McCallum) Balance is $10,914.43. Expenses were exhibited which
totaled to $1,264.31.

Committee Reports:
Concerts on the Square: Concerts were a success. The expenses for the bands were very
reasonable. It was decided that 2 hours for a concert is too long. It will be cut down to 1 1/2
hours in the contract. The call for musicians for next year will be in January.
Wayfinding Signage: Spearing reported that we don’t have enough money in our funds to pay
for the whole project. $13,330.00 is the quote that was made by Pro Image. They want to do all
of it at the same time. Soliciting other businesses might be a solution. Sponsorships will greatly
help. Spearing, Faculak and Sundelius will start speaking with business owners. Ellsworth
Farmer’s Exchange will cover half of the kiosk. The kiosk will be located at the Community
Square. Checks should be made out to Village of Ellsworth with DDA noted.

Paddle Antrim Party: September 14 from 5-7 p.m. is the party and registration. Two Beats is
playing music. Cutler’s Creations food truck will be there. Sundelius reported that the DDA has
a tent manned by Tina. She is requesting monies for a banner and possibly other swag to
represent DDA. A motion to approve $200 for the items needed was made by Spearing and
Randall seconded.
Halloween Trunk or Treat: Wallace reported that he is looking at interest in holding the
Halloween Trunk or Treat again this year. It will be held on October 31 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. The
Fire Department will be having a haunted house. McCallum will be donating heaters. It will be
held at the Pavilion.

Chair Update (Mary Faculak): Mary showed us the front page story in the local newspaper on
Breezeway Cruises and other happenings. September 30, October 7 and October 14 are the
Breezeway Cruise dates. Coupons from businesses are needed. The Clare Welcome Center
has the Breezeway banner up.

Board Member Updates: Mom and Tot Center is holding a fundraiser on October 12 as
reported by Robyn Yarmack from the Good Samaritan. On September 8 there will be an open
house at 12:00 at Ellsworth Farmer’s Exchange.

It is with sadness that Marci Palajac will be resigning as Secretary of the Ellsworth DDA due to
a move to another city and the selling of her business. She is grateful for her time serving on
the DDA. Wallace moved to accept Palajac’s resignation and was supported by Sundelius.
A secretary will be needed to replace Marci Palajac. Ginny McCallum volunteered to be an
interim secretary for the DDA. The motion to accept McCallum into the Secretary roll to replace
Palajac on an interim basis was made by Randall and seconded by Campbell. An open seat is
now available on the board.

Public Comment: None

A motion to adjourn at 5:52 p.m. was made by Campbell and seconded by Palajac.
Motion carried by unanimous consent.
The next regular meeting will be held on September 25, 2023 at Banks Township Hall located
at 6520 Center St., Ellsworth 231-588-7411
_________________________________________ August 28, 2023
Submitted by: Marci Palajac, Secretary
________________________________________ __________________________
Approved by: Mary Faculak, Chairperson Date